Want to Start A Clothing Line? Here’s What You Need To Know

Starting a clothing line is a great adventure that can be very profitable and fun at the same time!  With some talent and ambition it can one can be very good at it too, it is just slightly intimidating to get into if you are not sure where to start.  Here is a guideline on what you should do if you are starting a clothing line and don’t have the first clue where to begin. Enjoy!

Step 1:  Start Creating Your Designs!

Designs need to be unique for people to be interested in them.  It is best to stick with a theme so that people know what they are getting when the like your brand and they know what they are portraying every time they wear it.  Also, you eventually want to have you design printed one day so try and make your designs on the computer in a picture format so that when you do send them to a screen printer you will avoid the art fees.  The best formats are vector files (Adobe Illustrator) and can create the clearest images.  Please visit www.brandedscreenprinting.com to find out more about vector files.

Step 2: Start Having Your Designs Printed

When you love the designs that you have created and think that they are ready to be put on garments you can visit www.brandedscreenprinting.com and click the link that says printable items.  There you can see all of the possible items that can be printed on and get ideas on the brands and types of garments you would like to use.  This can include t-shirts, hooded sweat shirts, warm-ups, bags, jackets, etc.   In addition, we can print stickers, mouse pads and other items for your line.   Most screen printing places require a 6 piece minimum so that it is tough to try out designs at first.  Branded Screen Printing can offer digital transfer which will look the same as a screen printed shirt would look, but it is far less expensive to have one printed as a trial.  I would recommend asking for this if you are not sure which designs you will want more than 6 of.

Step 3: Promote Your New Business!

Once you have your shirts you need to expose them to the public and start selling!  You will need to start a website that is both catchy and informative about your product.  There are many free ones out there to start and paypal offers an inexpensive store.  Also, a fashion show or promotional party is a great way for a mass of people to see them at one time.  Creating tags for the shirts, making stickers and passing out cards is also a great way to promote the clothing line and give it a label.

Step 4: Enjoy your new business!

Please visit www.brandedscreenprinting.com if you have any questions or would like help getting started.

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