Good News Screen Printers! We may be one of the 25 Next Recovering Job Markets!

After reading a new article for the Business Weekly entitled America’s 25 Next Recovering Job Markets, I felt more hopeful about the printing business. With many of our competitors going about of business, at least in our town, it seems that the need has declined. While this is not actually the case, it is just merely this pesky recession and necessities that we all though were necessary are simply not anymore (i.e. companies needing new t-shirts every year).  Anyway, the great article details how retail has such vast room for improvement, because of the incredible dive that it took, and how people may start feeling comfortable about spending money again.  Hopefully this will be the case and everyone will have a great start to their 2010 year.  If  you would like to read the article, please visit  And, as always, if you would like any information about our cost effective screen printing, please visit

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