Organic Custom T-Shirts

Many people have asked about starting organic clothing lines lately.  This can easily be achieved, but is often slightly more expensive.  While a t-shirt will normally cost a new design about $5 each before printing, the organic t-shirts will be about $9.  In order for a t-shirt (or any piece of cloth or clothing, for that matter) to be considered “organic” it must be created from natural materials (cotton, wool, hemp…whatever) that have not been treated with a chemical fertilizer or pesticide.  In addition, for a piece of clothing to be truly “organic,” it must be made from plants that are not genetically modified.  As far as physical characteristics of organic t-shirts are concerned there ins no difference between these and other cotton t-shirts. Also the process of making organic t-shirt goes, it is exactly same as that used for making cotton t-shirts in general.

After we receive the garments we must print them using organic waterbased ink to ensure that they are completely organic from start to finish.  Waterbased ink comes in all of the same colors that plastisol (the alternative ink) and can leave a softer image on the shirt as well.  The great thing is that the water based ink is the same price as plastisol.

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