Why Use Organic Cotton?

Lately, there has been an extremely high demand for organic cotton items in the area. Business owners who have decided to make their business entirely green when it comes to paper products, electricity use, etc. are starting to look to what their employees are wearing. Today’s cotton is very hard on the environment and often uses very harsh bleaches and dyes in order to achieve the desired effect. Organic cotton can offer an alternative and is now found in many stores and online businesses and is often the best choice because:

• reduces the use of synthetic dyes
• the cost of naturally colored cotton is estimated at 20 to 40% lower than chemically dyed cotton
• suitable for people with chemically sensitivities
• has a noticeably soft texture
• color-grown cotton is not dyed, so it doesn’t fade; the color will actually deepen when you wash it.

Branded Screen Printing & Design offers a variety of organic cotton shirts. The newest of which is Port & Company’s Organic Cotton T-Shirt, starting at only $6. It is easy to go green with so many resources available to us now.

2 thoughts on “Why Use Organic Cotton?

    • brandedscreenprinting says:

      Hi Brian,
      The Organic T-shirt brand that we normally use is Alternative Apparel. If you have access to SanMar (www.sanmar.com), they have a variety of different organic t-shirts in stock from Port & Company, District Threads, etc. Trendyblanks.com also has a few different options.

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