Silk Screen Printing: The Artistic Trade Everyone Loves

Silk Screen Printing has been around for quite a while now, and many people have had the opportunity to use this unique craft to suit many needs. Some choose it as a way to make a very personalized gift for someone you care for, while others may use it for business needs, such as employee apparel or even signs.

Since this trade has existed, many people have had the chance to try it out for themselves, some whose names might sound a little familiar. The trade was first made popular by the 1960’s artist, Andy Warhol,who created many famous portraits such as his Marilyn Monroe portrait,  but he’s not the only one.  Johnny Depp has also tried out the trade, ” I started out printing silk-screened t-shirts”, said the actor on some of his earlier jobs before making it big.  Silk Screen Printing is a great way to truly express yourself through the work and add your own unique style to things. For more on silk screen printing visit:

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