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In addition to custom shirt printing, Branded Screen Printing also offers a variety of baseball and softball jerseys.

We have everything that you could need from t-shirts with simple numbers on the back to professional mesh, full button jerseys with team logos and the works. Branded Screen Printing can help everyone from co-ed softball teams to school baseball teams.

If you would like an estimate on custom jerseys Click Here to get started or you can call (775) 453-1921 today!

The basic shirt jerseys start at $9.00 with team name, number and shirt. The mesh jerseys start at $15.00 per player. Please give us a call if you would like more information about having custom softball or baseball jerseys made, 775-453-1921.

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Branded Screen Printing also wanted to share a view little known facts about softball found below:

One of the most unusual softball facts involves the origin of the game where the first ever softball game played involved a rolled up boxing glove as a ball and a broom handle as a bat. This happened in 1887 when George Hancock was credited with the sport’s invention. Even more interestingly, the score of this first game was an incredible 44-40 (there is some debate about whether this was the score or if it actually ended 41-40.)

Other unusual facts about softball include:

Softball was originally intended to be an indoor sport which explains the shorter distance between bases compared to baseball
The reason softball is seven innings compared to baseball’s nine is due to the actions of a Minneapolis fireman in 1895. He believed that nine innings was too long and shortened it to seven. This was adopted as the official length soon after.

Softball was known as various other names including ‘diamond ball’ and ‘mush ball’ before a Denver YMCA official suggested the name softball in 1926 when talking to the National Recreation Congress.

Fast pitch softball was the dominant version of the sport in the 1940s but its dominance was short lived. The slow pitch version of the game was deemed to be the true form of the sport in 1953.

Softball was not introduced to the United Kingdom until 1972.

Softball has been an Olympic sport since 1996 but will not be part of the 2012 games due to a decision by the International Olympic Committee.

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