Branded Screen Printing Top 10 Reasons to Order Custom T-Shirts

If you’re looking for something to promote your business there are few things more powerful than custom printed t-shirts. Looking for an economical way to outfit your people? T-Shirts win again. They’re colorful, comfortable, and people love them. Most people cannot pass up a t-shirt.  In fact, there are many reasons that custom-made T-shirts are one of the best promotional tools no matter what you’re trying to promote. Click Here For An Estimate.

With that in mind here is the Top 10 List of Reasons to Buy Custom T-Shirts for your business.

“10 – People love T-shirts, especially if they get them for free. Most people have certain T-shirts that are their ‘favorites’ too. Imagine if their fave T-shirt had your Logo on it. That person would be promoting your business every time they wear it.

9 – Custom made T-shirts help your company stand out in the crowd. The fact is, a well-designed custom T-shirt with a great logo and an inspired saying can do more for your business than a big billboard, especially if enough people are wearing it.

8 – A custom T-shirt can help brand your business. If you’re the new kid on the block (and even if you’re not) a well-made T-shirt can quickly turn your brand into a household name and open the revenue floodgates to your business door or website.

 7 – Custom T-shirts can be made in orders of any size. With the latest technology you can order as little as 1 or as many as a 1000 or more, and the relative cost will be similar. Also, your Logo can be saved and used any time in the future so that your T-shirts from this year match the ones from 5 years ago.

6 – Custom T-Shirts are perfect for company events. If you’re having a Company Picnic or a seminar why not give your people something to smile about; give them custom T-shirts that they will cherish and use to promote your business long after the event is finished.

5 – Custom T-shirts are very economical. Outfitting your entire office with custom T-shirts or even Polo’s used to mean a large outlay of cash but today it can be done quickly and economically.

4 – Custom made T-shirts are excellent Holiday gifts for your employees. The affinity that you can build with your people will amaze you if you give them a smart looking T-shirt for Christmas.

3 – T-Shirts never go out of style. A quality-made T-shirt can literally last for years, promoting your company every time it’s worn.

2 – Custom t-shirts are showing up in the board room and on the golf course. Where the desired profile is fitted and slim the T-shirt is king. Promote your business and catch a lot of eyes with T-shirts that are well-designed and attractive.

1 – has the biggest collection of fonts, graphics and clip art, and their website will help you to design a custom T-shirt that turns heads and creates affinity for your business everywhere they are seen.”

Branded Screen Printing can help your business with custom t-shirts today.  Call us at 775-453-1921 or email your order to  You can also start designing your own, brand new custom t-shirt here: Start Designing. We look forward to helping you with your new marketing endeavor.

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  1. Flora Treadway says:

    True that. Custom t-shirts are indeed very powerful tools for advertising. People love t-shirts especially if they feel comfortable wearing it. Make sure that you choose the right brand that has a comfortable feel for your custom prints.

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