Branded Screen Printing Offers Contract Pricing

Branded Screen Printing offers contract screen printing pricing for those businesses that qualify under the following guidelines:

  • Businesses that will be reselling the garments to their customers in bulk.  Usually these businesses are graphic designers, embroiderers, paper product printers, etc.  These businesses offer screen printing as a service that they provide their customers.
  • Business should have a business license and tax-exempt number.  This will authorize them to buy printing tax-free for the purpose of reselling to their customers.
  • Business should have a relationship with vendors of their choosing in order to acquire their products.
  • Businesses that can provide print ready artwork.  The artwork will have the correct resolution, be in the correct size and will not require graphic design. If necessary, we can provide artwork for an additional charge.


What Branded Screen Printing can provide your business:

  • Timely, efficient service. Our turn-around time is 1 week from when we receive artwork.  We do have rush service available and are happy to help accomodate any timeline if possible.
  • Blind shipping to your customers.  The customer will have no knowledge of where the products were printed or shipped from.
  • High quality printing and very competitive prices.  Our main goal is to help your order be profitable to you and to keep your customer coming back to you.

If you are interested in getting started with contract printing, please email your request to


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