Mikey’s Tattoo Contest

It’s not always straight to business at Branded Screen Printing.  Nobody wants to go into work dreading the hours to come, and counting down towards the end of the day.  It is entirely possible to have fun while also being productive.  In fact people who are in a good mood are more likely to be productive.  Being in a good mood produces endorphin’s,  increases oxygen in the blood, and increases blood flow to the brain.

Among the great prizes at Branded Screen Printing’s holiday party this year was an appointment for a free tattoo.  All the winner had to do was be the supreme winner of our potato races.  What are potato races you ask?  Well that’s when a contestant has to hold a potato between his or her thighs and race a competitor to drop their potato in the finish bucket without ever using his or her hands.  After many fierce battles, Branded Screen Printing’s newest automatic screen printer (Mikey) emerged victorious above all others.

Since recently turning 18, Mikey has yet to have the opportunity to be get a tattoo.  So what did Mikey decide to get for his very first tattoo?  He didn’t.  He put it out there for his fellow employees at Branded Screen Printing to decide for him.  For the month of January, each employee has the opportunity to submit their proposal for Mikeys tattoo.  The winning design will be proudly displayed somewhere on young Mikey’s body for the rest of his life.  Was this a wise decision on Mikey’s part?  Probably not.  Does it make the workplace just a little bit more fun this month?  You bet.

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