Become The Most Unified Club On Campus

Human beings are pre-programmed with a deep need to belong. We are a tribal species and work better together than apart. Our ancestors formed groups because they could share the work. They could share the responsibility. They could watch each other’s backs, and make sure that every member of their tribe was successful.

Today we don’t have to watch out for saber tooth tigers, or band together to take down a mastodon, but we still have that deep need to belong. It’s the reason we have political parties. It’s the reason we have sports teams. It’s the reason we have all kinds of various clubs, and more recently forums and Facebook groups.

As previously mentioned a major reason to join clubs and organizations is our fundamental need to belong. We identify with the other members and we feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves. One of the easiest and most effective methods of uniting a group is uniforms. It is hard to not feel like you belong when you and everyone around you is dressed the same. Additionally, when members are wearing a uniform, they recognize that they are representing their group. This changes their behavior by increasing their professionalism, or whatever attributes the group represents. Uniforms also help other identify who belongs to a certain group, and are also a great means of marketing a group.

Uniforms come in many shapes and sizes. The military has a full body get up from boots to hats. A sorority might have custom screen printed t-shirts shirts. A corporation can have polos embroidered with their company logo. A sports team has matching jerseys and hats. All of these things tie us together and help us satisfy one of our basic needs, our need to belong.

If you are interested in having your group become more unified, contact Branded. We are here to help you create an amazing custom t-shirt with your group logo or club name.  Visit or call 775-453-1921.

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