3 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Landscaping Business

As we come into the Spring season, it is important to start gearing your landscaping business up for the busy season. To get started, consider reconnecting with your previous clients or work on building up your customer base.  By making these connections early on, you can start scheduling and predicting what is to come.  One of the best ways to keep in contact with the previous customers, or start a new customer base, is by having an online presence through social media.   The following includes 3 of the top reasons social media can  improve your business, in addition to building up your client base.

1. It’s free.

Everyone loves free, right?  Right.  Social media can be as free as it comes, making this the number 1 reason to do it.  Not a lot of business marketing is free, so it is important to utilize it, since it is available and widely seen by clients.  All it really requires is a little time each day to really build up your pages.  It is important not to just post to post, but rather post something intriguing.  Engaging posts will encourage comments, likes, sharing and  will create much more interest than just, “oh, this guy’s having another sale”. For example, posting a reminder, such as, “Don’t forget to turn your water back on”, will be much more effective and appreciated. Simple, smart advice will earn trust in your future clients, so they will think of you when they are ready for their landscaping service. Pictures are much more likely to get re-posted and liked than just text.  Posting a picture of your finished landscaping job may land you the next big one, just by putting up a great photo.  It’s also a reminder to those that you are friends with that they need to call and schedule an appointment when they see it in their news feed.

2. Great business feedback.

Stuck in a rut?  It is difficult to always be fresh and full of remarkable business ideas.  This is where social media can help. Reason 2:  social media is a great tool for accessing hundreds of minds at one time.  Say you have two beautiful business card designs to choose from and you can’t make up your mind?  Post both cards on your Facebook and see what your clients like best. The clients will love having the chance to help direct your company in one way or the other and share their opinions. In addition to getting this positive feedback from your clients, you are also making engaging posts to build your page.  Remember, it is important to respond to the feedback that you receive.

3. Competitive Edge.

Social media doesn’t care if your landscaping business is the smallest in town or is in every city.  To improve your landscaping business  with social media reason 3 is that you can compete on a large scale. Every company on Facebook or Twitter have the same chance of getting fans and engaging with these potential clients.  Having this edge can definitely help, since matching larger companies advertising budgets elsewhere can be nearly impossible. All of the customer interactions will keep your current client retention even higher and new clients intrigued when they visit your page.  Don’t forget that keeping your pages current, engaging and fun, this will keep you ahead in the game.

While all of these reasons are easy to get started on, Branded is here to help.  We can help with graphic design, photo editing and many other marketing materials, should you go in that direction.

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