Top 4 Reasons to Advertise with Custom T-Shirts Today

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At some point in time, you’ve probably debated on whether or not custom printed t-shirts were the correct route for your business advertising.  With so many different types of media and marketing outlets, there is a lot to consider when choosing which is the best for your company.  We’ve made the following list to help you with your decision making process: Top 4 Reasons to Advertise with Custom T-Shirts.

1. Trade Show Promotion

Depending on the type of business you have, you may or may not attend some type of trade show.  Trade shows can be great exposure for businesses, since you are able to come face to face with your potential customers.  There are usually tons of booths for these potential clients to visit and if you are only handing out a flyer, they may soon forget that they met you and move on to the next booth.  This is where t-shirts can come in and help these customers remember your company.  Potential clients are not likely to throw away a t-shirt, like they would a flyer or an item without perceived value, and take it home with them after the trade show is over.

2. Cost Effective Solution

While custom t-shirts are not a free marketing solution, such as social media, they can still be a very cost effective advertising method.  Compared to a billboard, radio advertising, or even print advertising, custom garments only needed to be printed as you run out, versus every month.  There is not a monthly commitment to shirt printing and Branded definitely doesn’t have customers commit to contracts.  Especially for new businesses, this can be very important, since it is difficult to foresee how business will go in the future months.  Also, unlike a billboard or radio campaign, it is easy to change t-shirt designs or styles in each print run.  Click here for a quick quote.

3. On Going Exposure

T-shirts are a very tangible way to advertise.  Customers can see, feel and wear t-shirts, which makes them an effective promotional product.  Since there is perceived worth in a custom t-shirt, customers are not likely to throw it away as easily as a pen, flier, postcard, etc.  Even if it doesn’t happen to be their favorite t-shirt, they will usually find an occasion to wear it.  When shirts are worn in public, it raises local brand recognition to potential new customers.  The more often the shirt is worn, the higher the audience is for your company.  The printed t-shirt also reminds the customer who wears it about your company every time they put it on.

4. Customer Appreciation

Customers have many options when they decide on a company for a service or product, and it is important to recognize that they do.  Custom promotional t-shirts are a great, cost effective gift for customer appreciation.  Customers appreciate that you are acknowledging their value as a customer, and in turn, they are promoting your business locally when they wear it.

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