Branded Promotional Items Equal Smart Marketing

When you hear about marketing, it’s usually all about SEO, AdWords, content, social media and other online advertising approaches. While these strategies are useful and beneficial, they aren’t the only effective means of marketing your business. Today’s marketing is drilling down on local advertising. And a great way to capitalize on that approach is through promotional products and branded materials.

You can use these promotional materials for offline marketing strategies or in combination with your online marketing efforts. Either way, this method of advertising has many benefits. More importantly, your Return on Investment (ROI) is excellent with branded promotional products.

Establish a Brand Identity

Your business is a brand and your brand is your identity. You need to tell a story about your business, who you are, what you provide and how you can help your customers. Your business brand needs to be memorable.

To accomplish this, you must firmly merge your company’s products and services with your brand. Online marketing strategies seek to achieve this through words, storytelling, images, videos, social media and ads. But tangible branded items are a surefire way to put your brand in front of your target customer base, and help them remember you, your company, your brand. If you would like a quote on custom promotional items, get a quick quote today.

Increase Brand Recognition

Once you have created your brand identity, you want customers and prospects to recognize it. They should see your brand and immediately think of you. The way to do this is through repeated exposure. Promotional products are an excellent way to imprint your brand on a consumer.

Think mugs, cups, pens, lanyards, keyfobs, calendars, stress relievers and other items that are seen and used daily. With your company brand, image, logo and/or motto emblazoned across these everyday items, you are establishing brand recognition subconsciously.

The next time an individual using one of your promotional products needs your services or products, they are more likely to think of your company. If someone asks them for a referral in your industry, chances are good you will come to mind. When they are watching TV, browsing in a store or shopping online and they come across your brand, they more easily recognize you. That’s the power of brand recognition through promotional materials.

Promote a Positive Image

Giving away promotional items that consumers need and like generates a favorable impression of your company and your brand. You can sponsor events and giveaways, create swag bags and much more. Studies show that many consumers will actually change brands if it means that they will receive a free promotional gift.

Brand image is also fostered through your employees. The more favorable opinion your workers have of your company, the better your reputation in the eyes of prospects and customers. To this end, you can give promotional products to your company employees as rewards for meeting goals, excelling at work, contributing to the team and for other displays of hard work. Showing appreciation to your workers in this manner supports a positive opinion of the company they work for and encourages them to continue doing good work.

For these efforts, think of somewhat more upscale items like automobile accessories, hats, apparel, watches, golf accessories, and backpacks.  Offer useful things that have value to the recipient. Splurge on employees with executive gifts.

Partner with a Cause

Another very effective marketing strategy is partnering with an organization or a cause, or sponsoring a charity or group in your city. These co-branding partnerships are useful to both entities. Be sure to choose a strategic partnership that meshes well. Your goals and overall mission statements should complement one another.

If you’re a pizza parlor or other family dining establishment, sponsoring a local children’s sports team might be a great opportunity. If you run a car service, you might want to explore a co-branding partnership with a local event planning agency. Photographers and DJ’s could benefit from working together.

Don’t overlook charities. If there are some that are near and dear to your heart, consider sponsoring them and raising awareness through your marketing efforts. Consumers are drawn to the opportunity to do some good in areas where they are already spending.

Uniforms, jackets, T-shirts, and caps are obvious options for co-branding sponsorships and partnerships.  Pens, mugs and totes are smart choices for charity partnerships.

Foster Good Will and Brand Exposure

All of these offline marketing efforts help foster good will for your company and expand your brand exposure. By giving away promotional items, you are providing your audience with a positive image of your company. Rewarding your employees further establishes a good opinion of your business. And sponsoring a local group or charity creates a positive image of your brand.

Offering branded promotional materials solidifies these marketing strategies, while simultaneously giving you even more brand exposure. These are tangible items that reinforce the good that you are doing. They also help to keep your brand uppermost in the minds of your customers and prospects.

Keep in mind that things like jackets, T-shirts, badge holders and headwear are essentially moving billboards for your brand and your company. The more people exposed to them, the better. Your branding strategies seek to communicate a brand image that is positive, helpful, genuine and honest. Once you have established this, exposure to the brand should further this image and foster brand recognition in a positive manner.

Maximize Your Marketing Budget

A marketing budget is essential to the success of your business. But not every business can afford a dedicated marketing team. With branded promotional items, you can accomplish a great deal through targeted promotions with a limited investment. This type of marketing has been around for decades. That’s because it works. It will work for you too.  If you would like a quote on custom promotional items, get a quick quote today.

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  1. Bruce says:

    I totally agree, a combination of online and offline marketing will bring more impact to your business, I guess online advertising alone is not enough to increase your brand, you have to start first in local. Thanks for sharing.

  2. JD says:

    Hey man I’m a newbie in the business and I am really enjoying reading your posts! Thank you for unselfishly sharing your valuable information, many blessings!

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