8 Pros of Employee Uniforms

From walking through the mall or visiting any franchise, it is clear that uniforms are an essential part of the business. An employee’s uniform makes it easy to identify the employee and reinforce the brand to the customer. Studies have shown that uniforms can increase employee productivity and performance as well.

Here at Branded, we think employee uniforms are essential as well, for your team and your bottom line.  We’ve compiled 8 Pros of Employee Uniforms. If you decide that employee uniforms are important to your company, get a Quick Quote today, give us a call at (800) 757-5646 or email info@brandedscreenprinting.com and we would be happy to help.


1. Branding:

Uniforms are important in reinforcing the brand to the customer. They can be an excellent platform to display new logos, or even the company culture.  For example, when a fast food company has a funny, new slogan or marketing message, they can easily put it on all of the employees t-shirts.  It is a fast, easy way to get the new message out to the clients visiting the restaurant. An employer can use t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, or any apparel to achieve their message.

2. Advertising:

Advertising does go hand in hand with Branding.  Since your employees do have to leave work occasionally, they are walking billboards for your company.  People at the grocery store or anywhere out the in world may notice or recognize your brand.  Even though a client may not order immediately from seeing your logo, they might recognize it when they decide to order a product you’re offering.  This brand retention can only enhance your business and give clients a great first impression when they see your employees at your place of business.

3. First Impressions:

When a new client decides to visit your company, or you send a salesperson to visit their workplace, it is important for the employee to look their best!  The uniform can be an effective way represent the company, including the corporate setting or company culture. If you want to look your best, we suggest polos, dress shirts or even nice work shirts.

4. Employee Image: 

Uniforms are perfect for giving your staff an easy way to look the part.  While some employees may decide to dress similarly outside of work as they do at work, not all will, and offering uniforms is an easy way to get all of your employees on the same page.   Some businesses require a professional environment (i.e. medical practices, government offices) and may be discredited by the client if they don’t feel it is a professional setting.   While uniforms may seem trivial, they can offer a sense of trust in the business, as people tend to respond better to authorized personnel or recognized individuals.  It also reduces any temptation to wear something that is not work appropriate, (i.e. offensive t-shirts).

5. Productivity:

From an employees perspective, the increased professionalism can increase work performance and productivity for the company. This visual impact can be seen in military and police applications, and again, evoking team spirit and belonging.  Studies have shown that the psychology of the uniform  can make an employee more productive, because their attention is solely focused on their work.


6. Unity:

Having all of your employees in professional uniforms in a great way to make everyone feel like they are part of the team.  The sense of belonging among employees can achieve team spirit, loyalty to the company, and give the employee a sense of identity. If there aren’t any defining elements separating employees, it can increase company loyalty and work performance.

7. Equality:

Similarly to school uniforms, work uniforms can be important in reducing any socio-economic differences among your staff.  When employees are being judged on their looks, it can hurt work performance.  When company uniforms are provided, it can reduce judgement and ease any financial strain on purchasing appropriate work clothing.

8. Safety:

Some companies require a certain amount of risk with the positions that they offer.  It is important for the company to provide the employee with the safety equipment that they need to do the job, but keep them at the lowest risk possible. For example, road construction workers need safety vests to be easily spotted by traffic.  Most often, there are requirements for these uniforms , enforced by heath and safety departments.  Branded does offer a number of different brands that meet these regulations.


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