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Sports Fundraising for 2021

Sports have looked very different this past year.

With many seasons being cancelled and postponed, the ability for teams to fundraise has also become very difficult. The most common ways to fundraise pre-Covid were done with big crowds, and in-person. These types of fundraisers are no longer an option. Many sports teams and leagues are feeling the hit financially. We are here to let you know there is another way. You can use our custom stores to raise funds for your club or team without ever leaving the house.

Use this time to foster unity by creating a design that signifies hope, so that anyone who wears it or sees it, will be uplifted. “#weareone” “All in this together” or “TeamNameStrong” are all great options. (Need help? Our designers are on hand to create your next best seller.)

Here’s how the custom stores work:

To start, we set up a custom store for your team that will sell products directly to your fans. This allows people to access your products from the safety of their homes, and we will even ship the items straight to their address. Just because there may not be games to attend, it doesn’t mean you can’t still support your favorite teams by purchasing and wearing their fan wear. Help uplift the community with team spirit.

Fundraiser sites can be set up with your choice of products and designs, from hoodies to custom jerseys, to water bottles and masks. You set the price of the items and make money from every item sold. We can even set up a countdown clock to show your audience how much time is left to support your cause and a funds counter to show how close you are to your goal.

Here is a step by step to help you get your store started:

Step 1: Let us know what type of store you’d like. (Fundraising or basic store)

Step 2: Decide on the art you’d like to use. (Send us logos and ideas you may have)

Step 3: Decide on which items you’d like to sell. (We will help you, by giving you suggestions.)

Step 4: Share your new store link with your fans

Team Jersey Fundraising Reno NV Branded

Step 5: Wait as your audience purchases their items and receive the profit.

Thats it! We do the rest.

Remember just because we may not be able to attend games in person, it doesn’t mean our team spirit ends.

To get your store started, email Branded at or call (800) 757-5646.

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