Team Sports Design: How To Create a Jersey For Your Team

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Jerseys and Team Uniforms are important for everyone, from pro-level sports teams, to your local youth team. Jerseys allow others to see your team as a singular unit. They give your team an identity.  An attractive jersey can even boost the confidence of your players and encourage fans to purchase gear. Branded is here to help with all types of team jerseys, including softball, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, football, soccer, volleyball and more!  We are here to help, just give us a call if you have any questions (800) 757-5646 or email
Branded has custom sports jerseys for your school or team


Placement of your logo is another crucial part of ordering jerseys and is dependent on your sport. For instance soccer has a left chest logo with numbers on the
opposite side, whereas basketball typically has a center chest logo above the numbers. Below are some examples of sports with their placements.  Be sure to check on sports regulations when placing your team jersey order.
Branded has custom basketball jerseys

If you are interested in this basketball jersey, Click Here to start designing.

Baseball Jerseys with Logo at Branded

If you are interested in this baseball jersey, Click Here to start designing.

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If you are interested in this ladies performance v-neck, Click Here to start designing.

Football Jersey

1. The Logo

Every team has a name, and with that a logo. If you don’t have a logo, you can use our design studio to create your own or one of our artists can help make your idea a reality. Logos are one of the most important parts of your team’s jersey. You want to create something eye catching, and appealing, so the team and fans are proud to wear it.
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3. Ordering

In the past you needed to take deposits and figure out the logistics of deadlines to pay for your teams jerseys. Now we can help take that extra task off your hands by creating an online store. The store will contain every piece of the uniform your player will need and they will be able to pay for it online. You may even add extras like fanwear or bags. All items can be individually shipped to you or picked up in store at 155 E. Moana Lane in Reno.
Jersey Printing Reno NV


Jerseys can be expensive and getting the team together to raise funds can be difficult. One way we can make that easier is to make a fundraising store for your fans. A unique link will allow them to go to a personalized store to select and buy products that will support your team. You will get to keep the profit made on your items and your fans will get to represent their favorite team!
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If you would like to start an order and you already have your team’s information, Click Here To Order your team’s jerseys.

If you would like more information about ordering, please call (800) 757-5646 or email and we would be happy to help.

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