Promotional Items for your Virtual Events 2021

Virtual Events 2021 Promo Items

Promotional products for Virtual Events 2021

With the pandemic forcing us indoors it’s become harder to have face to face interactions unless they are virtual. These interactions are important to network with your circle. Whether it’s professional or for fun. Virtual events are a safe way to get together. Even once we begin to see each other in person in the future, virtual events allow more people to join. By an event being virtual you take away the factor of distance and travel. You are more able to track who has attended and feedback is only a click away. Here are a few ideas of ways for you
or your business to get together virtually, and ideas for giveaway items for your attendees.

Virtual Concert

Are you in a band? Do you know a talented singer? Concerts have been one of the casualties of the recent pandemic. People love live music, but have been unable to attend since venues have been closed. The next best thing is to host an online concert. You can send T shirts to your fans such as the District ® The Concert Tee ® (one of our favorites) with your logo. You can even make an online store where people can purchase their favorite products. So not only will you be able to engage with your fans, but also raise or earn money. Branded can help you create that store.
Who this is great for: Venue owners, bars, casinos, bands, singers and more.
Band Virtual Event Promotional

Virtual 5K or Workout

Being indoors has really taken a toll on not only our bodies, but our mental health. You can get people engaged with a fun workout from home. You can also get people outside on their own by hosting a virtual 5k. Reward your participants at certain milestones, Such as perfect attendance or completing the run. We can help print your 5k shirts, headbands and water bottles. You can also offer all items through one of our online stores and let us do the rest!
Who this is great for: Gyms, sports teams, schools and more.
5k Shirts

Virtual Trivia Night

People enjoy playing games. Trivia is a fun interactive game, where people use their random knowledge to answer questions. You can choose a different topic weekly. Give prizes to your participants and winners, like pens, a tee or a cool mug.
Who this is great for: Bars, restaurants, churches, families and more.
Virtual Events Promo Items

Virtual Cooking, Cocktail or Painting Class

Use your talents and teach others! There are many people with free time at home that need fun activities. Maybe you can teach how to make the perfect spaghetti sauce, or the mojito your friends love. Are you an artist? Teach others how to paint. From the basics to the finished product, you can do it all online. Just make a list of what your participants need and an outline for yourself and you can go from there. Send something special to those who participate like, custom decals, cooking utensils, glasses and much more.
Who this is great for: Bars, restaurants, art stores, families and more.

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