Custom rhinestone design

Branded offers custom rhinestones for your logo or design! We can turn just about any design or logo into a stunning rhinestone image at a low price. Take your boring t-shirt or tank top and transform it into a spectacular showstopper.

Rhinestones are perfect for cheerleading, brides to be, girls night out, sports teams, ladies groups, sororities, Mother’s day, bands and more. We offer rhinestone lettering, custom logos, stars, shapes, and more. Rhinestone production takes about a week, but we do have rush service if necessary.

Rhinestone pricing is based on the number of rhinestones required to complete the design. Please upload your design or submit a quote request, along with any other information about your project and we will contact you with pricing information. We do offer quantity discounts and we will provide that information in the estimate. We will need to see your artwork in order to provide you with a rhinestone estimate.

Stone Size Options:

Typically, custom rhinestone designs are created with SS6 or SS10 rhinestones. SS12-SS34 Stones are special order.  Please call for pricing.

Stone Color Options:

We offer colored or clear rhinestones, nailheads, Swarovski elements, and rhinestuds to create a unique, stunning finished product.  Most designs or logos can be transferred into a custom rhinestone design for your t-shirt, tank top, sweatshirt or any other garment. Email Branded your design and we will send you a quote within 24 hours.

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Still want to know more about rhinestones?  Here is some interesting information about rhinestones:

What is a Rhinestone?

The word rhinestone means “stone of the rhine”, because the crystal stones are associated with the rhine region where they were originally created.  Rhinestones are a term used for lead crystal which has been precision-cut to resemble a jewel. Today, rhinestones are used extensively in fashion to make jewelry, apparel and accessories. Rhinestone transfers are used to create a pattern, and then the pattern is transferred to a rhinestone t shirt, custom rhinestone hoodie or other garment.

The story of rhinestones began in Austria in the 1890’s when Daniel Swarovski invented a machine for cutting crystal with a precision and speed that far surpassed the hand-cutting of local artisans like his father.   It took 9 years to invent the machine, but when he filed the patent, it began a new era in crystals.

What is Swarovski?

Swarovski is the name of the company founded by Daniel Swarovski that still produces the highest quality rhinestone products in the world.  The rhinestones produced by the company have a higher lead content and more precise cutting to produce a stone that reflects light at precise angles to produce the greatest reflection. Swarovski crystals are often referred to as Austrian crystals.