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Business Slow in Reno, NV? Try These Advertising Techniques!

Business can be slow now because of the season and the economy. Even with this, there are still easy, inexpensive ways of advertising your business so that the name still gets out there. And, right now is a great time to advertise because there is far less competition than in the busy season and the publicity is less expensive. Here are 10 great ways to promote you business with screen printing (or digital transfer) in reno, nv (nevada). The first thing that you might want to do is simply screen printing your business name in the inside of each garment that you have made. This way, the person wearing the shirt will still see the name and they will still wear the garment. Next, high schools and colleges are a great place to find some new business. Contact the schools in your area to ask about having your products placed in the school store. Also, consider advertising your business in the school newspaper or on the school Web site.