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5 Myths About Screen Printing & How To Place An Order

We have discovered that there are quite a few misconceptions about screen printing or having your custom t-shirts made.  Take a look at these top 5 myths about screen printing: 1. Having shirts printed locally is expensive Branded Screen Printing can be a very affordable source for company shirts or creating your own clothing line.  In addition, screen printing […]

Branded Screen Printing | 155 E. Moana Lane Reno NV 89502

             We are your source for screen printing, embroidery, promotional products, printed paper products, trade show display stands and more. Branded Screen Printing can guide you through the entire ordering process, creating a unique and cost effective finished product. All of our products can add an extra touch to your […]

Brand New Specials for February

Branded Screen Printing & Design has great deals on winter and summer apparel.  Call us today for an estimate or customization with screen printing or embroidery today! (775) 453-1921.

October Specials- Hoodies On Sale

Branded Screen Printing & Design October Screen Printing Specials. Save on screen printing, embroidery, hooded sweatshirts and paper products in Reno, NV.

Screen Printing Fundamentals

Everyone needs to review the screen printing fundamentals every once in a while. Here is a list of the top fundamentals that all screen printers in Reno, Nevada should know.

White Ink, Black T-Shirt, One Stroke… Yes, It Can Be Done!

Here is a great video for anyone that may be struggling with screen printing white ink on dark colors, without using a flash or multiple layers….enjoy!

Plastisol vs. Waterbased Ink Which Would You Like On Your Garment?

Plastisol vs. Water-based Ink for Textile Printing

“There are two main types of ink that are used for textile printing. Water-based ink utilizes either dyes or pigments in a suspension with water as the solvent. Plastisol ink is a PVC (Some inks are Phalide Free) based system that essentially contains no solvent at all.

Screen Printing/Silk Screen Origin

Today I found this article detailing where screen printing came from and the advancements we have made today. As some of you may know, screen printing began with cavemen printing their hands on walls in caves and continued on until the invention of the silk screening process in the early 1900’s. Luckily for us, screen printing methods expanded on into the mid 1900’s and then all the way up until today. Although there are many new ways of transferring ink onto a garment (direct to garment printing), we still prefer the “old fashioned way of screen printing” and continue to do it like Samuel Simon of Manchester.