Branded Artwork Guidelines


Branded Screen Printing accepts most artwork files, including .gif, .jpeg, .eps, .pdfs, .ai (vector art), etc. Some of these files may require extra work resulting in an artwork charge of $40 per hour.

Please feel free to call (800) 757-5646 if you have any questions or concerns about your file. Below is additional information about the various file formats we accept:

Adobe Illustrator® All versions, Photoshop® & Corel Photo Paint® All versions are gladly accepted and 300 dpi is the preferred resolution for rasterized images.

Adobe Acrobat® (PDF files): PDFs can contain vector and bitmap graphics/text. They are also gladly accepted if in a high enough resolution.

Bitmaps/Jpgs (photos/web graphics): Most files with extensions .jpg, .tif, .gif, .psd and .bmp can be viewed. For screen printing, these files will be used only as guides from which the artwork will be recreated. Grayscale and full color bitmaps, such as photographs, can usually be used as provided for digital transfers. *Sending these files may result in artwork charge.

Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Publisher®: These files may contain usable art or they will be used as a guide for recreating the art. *Sending these files may result in artwork charge.