Attention Screen Printers: Get More Attention on Your Website

Business Success with Online Marketing

In a time we all need to come up with ideas on how to drive in customers, I have found a few tips that will help make your screen printing business stand out with online marketing and hopefully be successful.  The most important thing that a screen printing business can do when it comes to online marketing is to add content that a reader can engage in. Sometimes this can be difficult to come up with.  Below are a few different ideas to add you your website to liven it up and possibly keep customers engaged and coming back.

What to add to your website:

“Video: Video content is a great form of “sticky” content because it attracts people to your site and then keeps them there. Creating How To videos can help people understand the process of screen printing, etc. Also,  it personalizes your company by breaking down that third wall. It entertains and educates. And it lets your customers get to you know, see your face and hear your voice.  Don’t be afraid to play around with video. It’s one of the most effective ways to engage people.

RSS: If you have a screen printing blog, put an RSS feed up on your home page. Let people see signs of an active community before they even enter the site. Create an RSS feed of local news headlines or aggregate other blogs in your niche. Something that will grab their eye as soon as they enter the site and hold them there.  Immediately presenting users with content that is targeted to their interests is a good way to increase time on site and encourage them to dig deeper.

Widgets: Widgets allow your users to take their favorite content and share it wherever they want. If you’re not creating dynamic content on your site, using widgets is a great way to make it look like you are.

Images: Pictures are another way to suck people into your site and get them to interact more with your content. An interesting image that catches their eye, a chart that breaks down a complicated concept, something they can print out and refer to later or even an image they can create all on their own. This can include previous work or possibly your own designs.

Podcasts: If you marketing toward a more tech savvy audience, podcasts are a great way to engage visitors and give them a reason to keep coming back for more. Podcasts are fairly simple to create and set up and can help your customers relate to you on a more personal level. They allow you to sell and describe your product in your own words, in your real voice. Their one of the most effective ways to engage and to sell, however, not every audience type will keep customers coming back to your site.

User Polls: Polls are quick and easy to embed on your site and they give your audience something to play with. They can also help you do some painless market research by posing questions, asking for feedback, teasing new product launches, etc. Or, you can just use them for fun. Either way, the frequently updating content will give users something they’ll want to check back on.”

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