Specialty Screen Printing

Branded Screen Printing has many options available for specialty screen printing.  Sometimes designs need an extra bit of flare, and these methods will help in giving them that.  For example, a dance team may want glitter printing to add shine for their outfits or a clothing line may want to use discharge printing for a softer hand. These methods can increase the uniqueness and customization to any garment.  Below are pictures of many different types of specialty printing with descriptions on how they are achieved. Visit www.brandedscreenprinting.com for more information.

Foil Printing:

Foil Screen PrintingScreen Printing Foil

Foil is an easy and attractive effect to use when decorating shirts. The flash and brilliance of foil makes a shirt stand out in a crowd and can increase the value of a shirt tremendously. We say foil is easy because if you use the right products it’s actually not that hard to do! Foil is best applied through a transfer process on a special foil adhesive but it can also transfer to standard plastisol and special affects plastisol. Foil transfers are fun and can make mouths drop.


Discharge Printing:

Discharge Printing


Discharge is a specialty ink used in screen printing. It results in very soft hand, showing the shirt’s natural fiber instead of laying a thick layer of ink on top of the shirt, and can be printed as pure discharge or with pigments added so that the result is a colored discharge print. By itself, discharge ink removes the dye of the cotton fiber when it hits a certain temperature. It works with a variety of different brands and styles of t-shirts or other garments, with some styles and colors having stronger results than others.

Discharge positives:

  • Cool alternative to traditional plastic inks
  • Very soft prints
  • Beautiful colors
  • Easy to work with
  • Awesome for printing on darker color garments

Discharge negatives:

  • Cannot be used for most “process” or full color printing
  • Limited in the level of detail that can be done
  • Pantone matching can sometimes be difficult
  • Doesn’t work well with all dyes, so that colors like royal blue and purple may not work
  • Not ideal for all materials, working best on 100% cotton
  • Traditional inks are better for very large print runs, like over 500 prints

Glitter Inks, Metallic Inks and Shimmer Inks:

Shimmers combine the best features of glitters and metallics.
They have a finish similar to metallics, but with a much greater sparkle, and the color range of glitters. Shimmer inks are non-tarnishing and high-opacity, with excellent elasticity and wash-ability.

Glitter Ink


Metallic inks are available in silver, gold, and other colors.
Just as the name implies, they have a shiny, metallic look and great wherever a glitzy, showy print that resembles real gold or silver is desired. 

Glitter ink contains large reflective “plastic flakes” that are suspended in clear or colored, transparent plastisol. Glitter flakes can also be sprinkled on the wet ink for an more substantial “glittery” look although this can be a time consuming process. But this extra step will provide more glitter in the design.



Custom Rhinestone Transfers:

Custom Rhinestone DesignsRhinestone Transfers
Adding bling to clothes is the hottest fashion trend.  You can add rhinestones to any garment you can screen print and embroider on.  Bling looks great on t-shirts and tank tops.  Designs can be cute flowers for baby bibs, text like “Bride” for a celebration. Bling can be added to tote bags to jazz them up. Rhinestones can be added to caps and hats either on the rim of the bill or on the design area.  Rhinestones can be a design on their own, or added to screen printed design to add flair.Rhinestone designs come in many sizes and shapes.  Jewels come in a rainbow of colors including red, orange, yellow, green blue, and purple.  Don’t forget about the hottest rhinestone color of clear to add sparkle to the garment.  Rhinestone beads also come in different sizes.  Large gems and small gems can be combined on designs to get the perfect dazzle look.

Adding rhinestones to uniforms is also a great idea.  Cheerleaders and dance squads look great performing while wearing bejeweled uniforms.  Your cheerleaders and dancers will shine and sparkle on stage or at competition wearing tank tops and shirts lettered with bling or with a mascot outlined in jewels.  Dazzle the competition with your performance wearing a custom rhinestone shirt.

There are many more specialty inks, including suede, flourescent, glow in the dark, black light, gel, reflective, and puff.  If you would like more information about specialty ink call 775-453-1921 or visit www.brandedscreenprinting.com


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