What kind of t-shirt are you?

Not all t-shirts are created equal.  There are two universal types of routinely made cotton t-shirts: open-end cotton and ringspun cotton.  If you have ever received a cheap, free t-shirt you are familiar with open-end cotton.  It is sometimes scratchy in texture, stiff and heavy.  If you examine the shirt closely, you can see the fibers of the open ended cotton in the fabric.  It will look fuzzy, uneven or bulky.

While these thicker shirts work great for giveaway shirts, if you are looking for a retail-like feel in your t-shirt, you need to get a ringspun cotton t-shirt.  Ringspun shirts are very soft, finer, smoother and overall more wearable.  These fashion forward shirts often screen print better because of the tighter knit fabric, free from the open ended fuzziness of the open-end cotton material.  Ringspun t-shirts are perfect for companies, clothing lines or schools wanting to have customers wear their shirt more than once.  Most often, people that receive a free open end cotton t-shirt will typically wear it once and then it will make its way to the back of the drawer, never to be seen again.  While the nicer, ringspun shirt will become a customers favorite tee.

What kind of tee are you?
What kind of tee are you?

Realistically, ringspun shirts are only a couple dollars more than the open end cotton shirts.  Depending on a companies marketing strategy, they may be looking for long term wearability of their investment.  If this is the case, they should definitely invest the extra money to have their new walking billboards come out for more than just a day.

Branded Screen Printing carries a number of brands with ringspun shirts, including Hanes, Bella, Canvas, American Apparel, District Threads, Anvil and more. Contact us to find out more about ringspun shirts or ordering your own walking billboards.

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    Thank you for posting all of this great info. Very helpful for my next order. I will be contacting you soon for my work shirts.

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