Get Your Campaign Noticed with Custom Promotional Ideas

Get Your Campaign Noticed with Printed Products from Branded
Get Your Campaign Noticed with Printed Products from Branded


Where DO YOU buy custom campaign promotional items?

When it comes to elections, being seen is one of the most effective ways to win. You want people to easily see your name and what you’re running for. In order to do this, you’ll need a bold design.  Branded Screen Printing in Reno is your one stop shop for everything you need for this election season.

Branded can help with promotional items for your political campaign.

We offer everything from buttons to t-shirts. We have yard signs, decals, magnets and more. Everything you need to get noticed.


below are a few new promotional items for your campaign:

Signs & Banners can be some of the most important parts of a campaign.  Branded has many types of signs, including banners, coroplast yard signs,  aluminum signs, flags and A-frames. Branded can help you with a Quick Quote today.

T-shirts are also a great way to get your name out in an election.  They are an inexpensive give-away item that people will wear over and over. Branded has some great options for inexpensive t-shirts Click Here To View that would work great as a promotional shirt to hand out. 

Branded can have you get noticed with USA made keytags for your campaign as well.  Our durable 3 square inch acrylic key tags cut in the shape of the US flag allows customers to take your message on the go. Designed with two pieces of 1/8″ acrylic encasing the full color graphic of your logo on one side.

Another great product to help your campaign would be a 12″x18″ Printed Flag. Put your campaign’s name, logo and advertising message on display with these 12″ x 18″ custom knitted polyester flags. These flags are digitally printed using only the best UV treated inks and PMS coated colors before being finished with a canvas heading and brass grommets and full hemming on all sides. The flags feature single reverse printing. There are no minimums, no setup charges and they’re available in your choice of sizes to suit your needs.

Get your message out with door hangers, fliers and magnets.  These are inexpensive items that can be distributed to the masses easily, that can hold a lot of information. 

What designs can I use for my new campaign?
Our website and designers make it easy to find the logo or art you need for your apparel, signs or stickers. If you don’t have design experience, but want to create something on your own? No problem, we have an easy to use design program on our website. It allows you to choose your item and create your art. There are several existing customizable designs to choose from. Too busy or maybe designing isn’t your thing?  Don’t worry! Branded has designers on hand to help you create anything you’re looking for.

If you want to get your order started for your political campaign, start a quick quote today! 

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