You Don’t Have To Pay A Lot To Say A Lot

Branded has put together a list of ways that you can order custom t-shirts to advertise your company, group or organization and save money.  Remember, you don’t have to pay a lot to say a lot.

1. Stick to a local screen printer

Screen Printing can be a very affordable source for company shirts or creating your own clothing line.  Ordering screen printing from a local provider can be much more cost effective than online t-shirt companies.  It’s one of the few industries that this is true for.  Most online t-shirt companies incorporate the set-up fees and shipping all into the price per item.  Their pricing is generally much higher anyway because of their overhead due to advertising and marketing campaigns.  In addition, most online t-shirt websites utilize local screen printers to actually produce the shirts.  The shirts are then blind shipped to the customer.  Why not skip the middle man and go straight to the source? Another benefit is being able to pick-up your order, rather than paying to have it shipped. You get the same or better quality, most of the time you get your shirts faster, and you can visit a show room and put your hands on the actual items you will be ordering.   For example, our price per shirt for an order of 30 basic white t-shirts with one color printing  is $4.50 and can be ready in one week or less.  One major online custom t-shirt website would charge you $7.35 per shirt.  Give us a call if you would like more information or an estimate for your design (775) 453-1921.

2. Save on set-up charges

Starting a screen printing order is fairly inexpensive.  For a 1 color order, it is only $20.00 for the set-up.  For 2+ colors, it is only $35.00.  If you print your design in the future, you don’t have to repay the set-up.  Deciding on a design that you can print often and without changes will be beneficial in the long run.

3. Print your order in bulk and with few colors

Screen Printing prices are based on the number of shirts in your order, as well as the number of colors in the designs, and the number of print locations on the shirts(i.e. front, back, sleeve, lower back, etc.).  The more shirts that are in the order, the less per print.  If you might need more the the shirts in the future, it is beneficial to order more now.    Savings can also come by using as few colors as possible in the design.  If  you can get your message across with 1 color, you get your message across with less money invested.

4. Choose screen printing when possible

Some believe that embroidery is the only way to go for polo shirts, work shirts, jackets and hats, but we have screen printed all types of items with excellent results.  We have had many positive comments about screen printed alternatives.  With screen printing, the lines of your artwork stay crisp and clean.  Embroidery tends to lose details, and is almost always more expensive than screen printing.  Try screen printing on your next order of polos, company shirts or uniforms and you will be happy with the results. This will be much less expensive and still look great.

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