Branded Screen Printing’s: Guide To Ordering T-Shirts

Ordering custom t-shirts can be a bit tricky the first time, whether you are in need of custom team jerseys, company shirts, hooded sweatshirts, polos or even your own clothing line, this information can help make the process go much smoother.    Be sure to check out our post: How To Save Money on your Custom Shirt Order as well.

-Getting an Estimate

To get an accurate estimate, you will need to know the number of colors in your design, how many locations you will have (i.e. front, back, sleeve, hood), the type of shirts you would like and the number of shirts you are interested in ordering.  The price per shirt will depend on all of these factors.  If you do not have a design yet, we would be happy to help you put one together.  Once the design is approved, the number of colors will then be determined.   The more colors that you include, the more expensive the shirts will be.   For promotional shirts or give-aways, keeping the colors to a minimum can keep your project cost effective. To get an estimate request, Click Here and we can help you right away.

-Choosing Your Shirt Type

The type of shirts that you decide to order can change the price significantly.  Choosing a basic t-shirt is going to be much more cost effective than a performance shirt or button up shirt, but we offer all types of shirts and can accommodate any situation with the appropriate choice.  You can view the shirts we have available at our shirt catalog Click Here. Branded does have t-shirts starting at only $3.00 and hooded sweatshirts at only $10, before printing. The amount of shirts that you choose to order will affect the price as well.  The more shirts that you order, the less they will cost per item.  Check to see where the price breaks are, sometimes ordering a couple more can save you money. Please feel free to email us at if you would like an estimate. You can also check out this related blog to help decide on a shirt type:  Not all shirts are created equal

-Submitting Your Design

If your design is complete, the best way to send it to Branded is in a vector format.  If that is unavailable, we would recommend a .pdf, .psd or another high resolution file.  Pictures taken off of the internet are typically 72 dpi and can be pixelated and not translate well on a shirt. Please email your custom artwork to After your artwork has been sent, Branded’s graphic designers will put together a proof with your artwork on the item that you are ordering, and will send it to you via email for your approval.  Once approved, we can schedule your order right away.  Typically orders only take about 4 business days to be completed.  We also have rush service available to meet your deadlines.

If you would like an estimate on custom screen printing, please fill out the form below.  We will respond the same business day.

If you would like more information about ordering shirts, visit or give us a call at 775-453-1921. We are always happy to help you with your custom shirt order.


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