5 Myths About Screen Printing & How To Place An Order

We have discovered that there are quite a few misconceptions about screen printing or having your custom t-shirts made.  Take a look at these top 5 myths about screen printing:

1. Having shirts printed locally is expensive

Branded Screen Printing can be a very affordable source for company shirts or creating your own clothing line.  In addition, screen printing from a local provider can be much more cost effective than online designers. Most online T-shirt designers incorporate the set-up fees and shipping all into the price per item.  In addition, most online design websites utilize local screen printers to actually produce the shirts.  The shirts are then blind shipped to the customer.  Local screen printing can be much more affordable. You get the same or better quality, and most of the time you get your shirts faster.   For example, our price per shirt for an order of 30 basic white t-shirts with one color printing  is $4.50 and can be ready in one week or less.   An online designer on the other hand is $7.50 per shirt and takes two weeks to arrive.   Give us a call if you would like more information or an estimate for your design (775) 453-1921.

2. Screen Printing Requires Expensive Set-Up Charges

Starting a screen printing order is fairly inexpensive.  For a 1 color order, it is only $20.00 for the set-up of a one-time order.  For 2+ colors, it is only $35.00 for a one-time order.

3. Creating T-Shirts Requires Vector Artwork

While vector artwork can be very helpful in screen printing, it is definitely not a requirement.  Most times high resolution .jpegs, .pdf’s or other image files work just fine.  If someone does not have access to a high resolution file, we can help create one.  If you would like to send us your artwork, email it to info@brandedscreenprinting.com.

4. Screen Printing Is Only For Bulk Orders

Screen Printing is definitely not only for bulk orders.  While we do print orders with quantities of shirts in the thousands, we can print as few as one shirt.  Screen Printing is a great advertising possibility for a smaller company and is perfect for employee shirts for a new business.  With so many shirts to choose from and the printing open to most designs, it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for, even if it is only one shirt.

5. Screen Printing Is Only For T-Shirts

Some believe that embroidery is the only way to go for polo shirts or work shirts, but we have screen printed all types of shirts with excellent results.  We have had many positive comments about screen printed polos.  With screen printing, the lines of your artwork stay crisp and clean.  Embroidery tends to lose details, and is almost always more expensive than screen printing.  Try screen printing on your next order of polos, company shirts or uniforms and you will be happy with the results.

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