Does Your Company Need a Softball Team?

Do you know what Abraham Maslow thought of employees while devising his revolutionary hierarchy of needs theory? He said that companies are likely to benefit largely from motivated employees, and the only way of doing that is to give them a sense of belonging, make them work as a team.

Modern companies are just like ancient tribes, with each one competing fiercely with another for a piece of the cake. You do not win wars with disjointed armies. Hence, all employees must be motivated and they should be given an identity, one that would distinguish themselves from another competitor. Why not build Reno softball teams from employees within the organization? If the organization does have different departments, then several Reno softball teams could be made, and each one of them could go against others for a healthy fun. Give them different company jerseys to wear too. Believe me, it works like magic. Just compare their job performances before and after the events, and you will be amazed.

Working for modern companies is no walk in the park. It is stressful and sometimes excruciatingly painful. You know what happens when employees are stretched to their limit! The company ends up being the loser. So, you might want to set aside few hours each week just for recreation purpose, and having a softball team might be a perfect choice here.

It is understandable that employees have their differences within an organization. Sometimes the differences become so big that it starts hampering the company’s productivity. Engaging employees in fun and creative tasks is one way of mending those differences. Again a softball team might save you from utter shambles.

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