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Creating Plastisol Heat Transfers

While doing some research on creating plastisol heat transfers, I came across this article written by the fine folks at union ink company. It is lengthy, but pretty much tells you everything you could ever want to know about making transfers.

“The basic process for producing heat-applied plastisol transfers is uncomplicated. You print a design with plastisol ink, but instead of printing it directly on the garment, you print the design on special paper. The paper is then passed through a conveyer dryer where the ink is heated until it has gelled just enough to be dry to the touch. It’s important not to cure the ink too much.

Plastisol vs. Waterbased Ink Which Would You Like On Your Garment?

Plastisol vs. Water-based Ink for Textile Printing

“There are two main types of ink that are used for textile printing. Water-based ink utilizes either dyes or pigments in a suspension with water as the solvent. Plastisol ink is a PVC (Some inks are Phalide Free) based system that essentially contains no solvent at all.